In order to tell a good story no matter the project, and design the best possible outcomes, it is important to be able to lead effectively, create a strategy for execution and visually problem solve. I have learned to lead groups of people to accomplish projects that seamed unbelievable at the start, but when built upon a good foundation, its the journey that leads you where you need to go.


Leading with your heart and listening with understanding helps a client understand you and your process, while also allowing them a peek in at how you do what you do best. They feel ownership and that they are a part of something bigger. This helps you lay the beginnings of a foundation to a successful project.

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Having a plan to be able to lead and design against is crucial. With the correct strategic foundation put in place, you have set up the guard rails to be able to walk the journey in creating great design. Leading the key team of people through this process also helps with long term understanding that there may be times where you will fall, but there is a plan to help each other pick up where you left off.


Each point in the plan there are key problems to solve and many of them are solved with small design decisions made on the fly and ideas that pop up while you are working on the plan. This all filters in the the larger idea informing what the final solution could be. It is an organic process where leadership and strategy inform design, and design informs strategy and leadership.